Go slow with the coffee at Vapiano

Vapiano – Stadelhofen is one of three of these pasta-pizza restaurants in Switzerland. Ok, so its not a coffee bar so they are not expected to delivery great coffee. Unless you are one of the many people who, when in an italian-like restaurant, expect and enjoy a good espresso after a pizza margerita. Would the espresso offer a kick or equal their motto of go slow? We put Vapiano to the test.

Atmosphere: Ristorante. I still remember the first time I walked into Vapiano in Münich almost 8 years ago. It was busy, lively and smelt of good pasta and pizza. Still the case today when I walked in here in Stadelhofen.  It’s a great place to catch up with colleagues and friends. The place has a friendly vibe and there is plenty of space for bigger groups upstairs. Like the black and white pictures on the walls too.

Espresso rating: 2.0 out of 5
Although my friend La Cimbali was looking great in red, I’m afraid the espresso strength must have been turned down on this day. It was a little too weak for my taste and even with sugar it was a sloooow journey down my throat. The water was great though as that helped the after taste. Being weak also meant that I could try another espresso across the road at Caffè Bellavista.
Price: 4.20CHF – disappointed that there was no biscuit or chocolate 😦

WiFi: Yes. If I remember correctly, you need the password.
Free water: With espresso, yes
Kid friendly: Yes

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