Espresso takes the stage at Sphères

Sphères- bar, buch, bühne is located in the ultra hip and happening Zürich west. As you open the stainless steel door from the busy Hardturmstrasse, you enter into the world of Sphères. Move over books as today the espresso is taking the stage. Did the espresso steal the show? Take your seats as we find out.

Atmosphere: Creative. From the moment I entered I got the feeling that this is a place where creativity and coffee come together. Good for a Monday morning or when you need inspiration. The lighting, the music, the tables (which are also hidden amongst the books). It’s welcoming, comfortable and stress free! If you forget to bring something to read, no problem. Start by reading the menu as it gives you a good insight into this place. As I ordered my espresso, I was happy to see my friend La Cimbali, the classic italian coffee machine. That, and the big basket of Gifeli, which went down perfectly with the coffee – 1 Gifeli that is. The sign on the wall summed this place up well – May our home be warm and our friends be many.

Espresso rating: 4.0 out of 5
The oscar winning performance of the coffee machine resulted in a creamy, strong yet a little bitter, espresso. The bartender offered me a touch of cream, but I refused as I couldn’t spoil it with cream or sugar. A zip of water and a quote cookie, what more can a girl want on a Monday morning.
Price: 3.80CHF – Yes, you are reading right 🙂 It is possible to get a great espresso at a great price. A challenge for all the coffee bars in Zürich.

WiFi: Yes. Need to ask for guest password
Free water: With espresso, yes
Kid friendly: Yes

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