Not just milk in this Milchbar

Cafe Milchbar is a jewel hidden away in Kreis 1. A great place to rest those weary shopping legs or to break away from a hectic work day. Is Cafe Milchbar a real contender for having the grand espresso? Time to find out.

Atmosphere: Chateau. This is definately a place to warm up a chilly, grey Zürich winters day. Love the fluffy white chairs outside and the decore inside. Welcoming, comfortable, with easy music playing, you will want to stay here and chill for a while. Bar-like seating is also very cool. One thing that caught my eye immediately was the display of fresh housemade cakes. Yum!  That, and the amount of business men who drop in for their afternoon cake and coffee. Friendly staff, who were happy to inform me that carafe of water was on the counter and I could help myself as many times as I wanted. Nice!

Espresso rating: 4.0 out of 5
I don’t want to jump the gun, but the espresso here is spot on! Just by the look, I could tell this baby was going to be strong, smooth and delicious.. and it was. The coffee machine had done its job well. This place was definately worth the visit. Accompanied by a little taste of Zurich, a Pecard chocolate, this espresso one me over.
Price: 4.50CHF – I was so caught up in the place that the price was the last thing I checked 🙂

WiFi: No
Free water: Yes
Kid friendly: No

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