Let the coffee Bubbles rise

Bubbles is neatly placed in Kreis 4. My landlord tells me that it has been standing for 30 years – impressive. Known for delivering a great English breakfast, can Bubbles deliver the grand espresso or is it just in my dreams? Let’s take a look.

Atmosphere: Cosey. One thing I really like about Bubbles is that you feel like you are walking into a comfortable friendly loungeroom. You can sit there reading a book, check latest news on your iPad or even pull out one of the board games that they have on hand. It’s a great place to meet up with a group of friends and can become a regular hang-out.

Espresso rating: 1.5 out of 5
Maybe the machine was not having a good day when I visited. From my Bubbles visits so far, I can say that the Latte Macchiato is good… especially with cake. The espresso my friends, well on this occassion for me was a bit watery and in desperate need of some sugar. Do like the caramel biscuit touch.
Price: 4.20CHF

WiFi: Yes.
Free water: Yes
Kid friendly: Yes

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