There’s no place like Hiltl

Ah Hiltl! When you are in the mood for good vegetarian food then Hiltl is the place to visit. Located in the heart of Zürich city, it is the perfect place to pop into when you are in the mood for coffee.. or is it? Can a Zürich icon like Hiltl also deliver great espresso? Let’s find out.

Atmosphere: Buzzing. This place is busy at lunchtime and after 18.00 on most days. It’s great if you want to catch-up with a friend over some good food.  The downstairs bar and seating area is comfortable and trendy. It can be quite loud though which can be tricky for discrete conversations. Depending on the time of day, there is usually cool music playing and again it depends on your mood and who you’re with. A good place for a date where conversation may be difficult or where you want to stare in each other eyes 🙂 Friendly international staff and a great variety of customers from business people to families to pets!

Espresso rating: 3.5 out of 5
The espresso was nicely delivered, accompanied with a free glass of water and ‘un biscotto’. Nice touch Hiltl! No sugar was needed for me with this dark chocolate colored beauty. Smooth taste and enjoyed the blend. (No, I didn’t ask what the mix was. Hmm may be good to check this out in future.)
Price: 4.20CHF

WiFi: Yes
Free water: Yes
Kid friendly: Yes

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